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Joan Bertucci

Joan Bertucci

Garland, TX


Joan is a self taught photographer and digital expressionist. She took up photography in 1999 with the purchase of her first Canon Elan II. At the same time she also learned how to use a computer and film scanner.

The Elan II was her first SLR camera. She ignored the preset modes and started with the artistic or pro modes. It took her a while, but she started to learn the technical side of photography. That coupled with her natural ability for composition, made her original photography quite unique.

In 2003 Canon offered a digital, EOS 10D. She decided to make the switch to digital photography. Moving to digital photography she started to learn photoshop and she was hooked! Today it is not unusual to find Joan dedicating hours to the digital process of photography.

Joan has been married 41 years to a very supportive husband. Together they have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren who have all been subjects of her camera!

Equipment: Canon 40D

Lens: Canon 28-135mm IS
Canon 70-200 L IS


Red Barn by Joan Bertucci


Church Towers by Joan Bertucci


Old Red Barn by Joan Bertucci


St. Peter the Apostle Church by Joan Bertucci


Garden Walk by Joan Bertucci


Frankfort Lighthouse II by Joan Bertucci


Point Betsie Lighthouse II by Joan Bertucci


Point Betsie Lighthouse by Joan Bertucci


Frankfort Lighthouse by Joan Bertucci


Picnic by the Lighthouse by Joan Bertucci


Bouquet in Pink by Joan Bertucci


Tulips by Joan Bertucci